An Aronofsky biblical film….this may be the making of a perfect Sunday! #kaliekalovesfilmsaboutbiblestories #Buddhism  (at AMC Del Amo 18)
24oz PBR & and a punk rock show…just a normal Sunday night!  (at House of Blues Anaheim)
Time to get this non Irish pre St paddy day party started! 😀
This is extremely sad! I’ve truly enjoyed watching him…one of my favorite actors. #sadwaytostartasunday #thanksPSH  #regramfromaaronpaul
So @crazyapes07 & I decided to go have a drink at this place that Ryan Kwanten “Jason from true blood” frequents and this is the $24 chesse plate we got…..good luck finding the cheese! Hint: look for my finger! #manhattanbeachliving  (at Manhattan Beach Post)
Points for me! #ughmonday!
Happy new year folks! I hope it brings you everything you hope for! Points to anyone who knows where this picture is from! ❤️
Little Devo on a Sunday never hurt anyone! #whipitgood
Happy Christmas folks! Here’s hoping your bellies are full of yummy food and your face hurts from smiling! ⛄️🎄🎅🎁#dontfeedaftermidnight (at en route to san diego)
I’m just saying my bank account can’t take much more!!!!!